Apps to Help you Survive a Busy Life

Running a household is tricky business. Keeping everyone organized, fed, clothed, smart, and fit takes careful consideration, planning, and in the 21st century, a handful of apps to keep things in place. That’s how it works in my world, I’m a digital mom, raising five kids, my smart phone is a lifeline. With it I can keep track of all the myriad appointments we have in a week, log every school function, all the extra curricular activities and play dates, share it all with my partner and vice verse.

I’m plugged in and do my best to use my devices and apps to my benefit. Sure, there are always going to be time sucks – anyone with a Facebook profile knows this – but for the most part I like to think of my gadgets as sidekicks. Reliable, agreeable, intuitive, and ever ready to lend a helping hand. My smart devices are like electronic butlers, personal assistants, event coordinators and even confidants.

Some might say I am too dependent on technology, they are probably right but, I don’t have the luxury of “going off the grid,” no, I’m firmly entrenched. However, like everything in life, balance and moderation is key. If you are plugged in like me then you are going to love this post. I have long wanted to share the apps I use to help keep me and my family organized. Today is that day. I hope they are as helpful to you as they are to me!

COZI Calendar 


With this calendar I am able to keep track of myself, my partner, and my kid’s myriad appointments and plans. I wish life worked so simply, everything color coded and put in a place. I can open up my calendar and see a snap shot of appointments and know who they are for immediately. I can also sync my calendar with my husband and share the kid’s important events to co-parents, grandparents, and bonus parents. I can also plan recipes, keep shopping lists and manage to-do lists through this app. For a free version this app packs a powerful punch!



How many times can you make meatloaf before everyone just gives up? How many ways can you really make chicken? These questions plague me. I want my kids to have a healthy relationships with food, be open to trying new things, and make good nutritional choices as they grow. Yummly helps me keep things interesting by providing a large library of recipes to choose from when baked chicken and mashed potatoes is gets old.  I can organize my favorites in collections of my own choice, add as many collections as I please and share my recipes via email or social media app. So far I have tried several recipes and I have not been disappointed.




If you are redecorating, reorganizing, or just want to move some furniture around for a change of pace, this app is for you. You can use it to take an accurate measurement of the rooms, windows, doors, floors and even stairs in your home. The app creates a floor plan for you and allows you to build home decorating projects. You can also, connect and share plans. It’s a genius little app and I find myself using it more and more everyday.




Several years ago we decided to go paper-free. We converted registered all of our accounts online and requested email bills instead of snail mail wherever possible. Our school district uses e-backpack and other online browser-based programs to keep us informed on our kids homework, classwork, and grades. We hardly ever print anything but, every so often we will receive a note from school or a letter in the mail that requires a signature before emailing back. This is the brilliance of CamScanner. It takes a photo of your document and converts it into a PDF, files it and allows you to upload it to a cloud, email or share it with recipients of your choice. Perfect for permission slips, summer reading lists, and doctor’s notes!



I’m a pinhead – I really love this social media app so much. It keeps my to-do’s, have-to’s, and must try’s all in one place. I use it for everything from planning my daughter’s party to saving recipes, knitting patterns, and arts and crafts projects. It’s empowering to put mini-vision boards together, where each photo contains it’s own practical tutorial to help you get it done. Not every project is a winner, there are tons and tons of #pinterestfail posts on the web to attest to that but when you find a project that wins – it’s a thrill for the whole family!



Project management simplified is how I can best describe this app. Create projects of any kind from a block party to the PTA bake sale, set up to-do lists, and use color coded labels to keep everything and every one assisting on the project organized. You can also share projects and “project cards.” Trello is a browser-based app so you can access it from any device, as well as, on your PC. I have used this app for a ton of both personal and community projects.

None of these companies have offered me any payment in return for my favorable endorsement. I am just a modern gal trying to live an organized life in a busy world. These apps make things that would usually seem tedious or overwhelming more manageable and fun. A lot of these apps help keep me interested too. It can be very easy to put your day on auto-pilot but what fun is that. Engaging with smart tech can keep us feeling not only in control but inspired as well.

I love apps, from the old reliable like Facebook to the new and exciting like Dubsmash.  I would love to hear what your favorites are. What keeps you organized, entertained, and connected? Share them with me here or let’s talk on Facebook or Twitter xoxoxox



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