Welcome to Smart Media Mom.

This blog began as a way to create and center smart media as I saw it through my perspective. I used it to share aspects of my life and career aspirations.

Since then, however, the political climate has become saturated in post truth and alternative facts. As a result, I have become much more vocal on issues of racial injustice and my own feminism has grown and evolved.

All things must change and grow and Smart Media Mom is no exception. I have decided to shift this space into one which effectively points out, calls out, and speaks out the truth about smart media and how it effects our perspectives.

This space will become less personal and more political. For long time followers who are interested in also see more personal writing, you can follow Brown Girls Out Loud. For those of you who followed me for personal wisdoms you can find them over at my Wise Woman blog.

Thanks for visiting my space. I welcome the changes to come and I encourage you to follow along and let me know how I’m doing!