Small Business Owners

  • You are an entrepreneur with vision

  • Your focus is on running your business

  • You wear many hats to make this happen

However, attracting consumers and turning them into loyal brand champions takes time, focus, and dedication. It is a full time job on its own but, the potential return is priceless.

Partnering with a marketing professional ensures you can focus on the details that make your business thrive.


My Services Can Shrink or Grow to Fit Your Business

I step into the role that matches your specific needs

  • Marketing coordinator keeps you on task throughout the length of your marketing campaigns. In this role responsibilities include, scheduling social media posts, organizing your campaigns, organizing your analytics.
  • Marketing manager assists you in creating marketing campaigns and setting marketing goals. In this role responsibilities include creating content, blog writing/editing, and moderating social media engagement.
  • Marketing director develops strategic marketing campaigns, aligns marketing goals with your business milestones, grows your consumer base, grows your business. In this role responsibilities include overseeing marketing campaigns, analyzing associated data, creating, adjusting, and moderating content accordingly.

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All services can be provided at a coordinator, manager, or director level.