On Motherhood and Humanity

Motherhood is a superpower


Even superheroes make mistakes


I’m not infallible or beyond reproach even as I coach my kids through their bad days

I have my own


Cry and thrash and I rage, even after turning the other cheek

I speak out of turn and I burn with jealousy at women freer than me

My super powered life comes with super powered strife

Comes with


Comes with


There’s beauty in their smiles

Their milestones are also mine and they keep me overjoyed




Over myself. I get, over myself because it isn’t about myself.

Life as a superhero means you live life outside yourself

Means, you put on your tights and your cape and you fly swift and true and strong for those who need you, wherever and whenever they need you to, do whatever they need you to do.


As a superhero means you forgo your humanity to be for them what they need you to be when they need you to be


I am theirs.

I am a superpower, a goddamn super powered odyssey lives, in me

Super human, a super powered fantasy

All the extra, all the other, lays down quiet at my feet,

It means nothing, all the other when,

I am mother

I am life and their lives live in me.


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